Zoe Mosaics by Hannah Maximova

Hannah Maximova holds a BFA from the University of Arizona and has spent over two decades employed in fine, commercial and public art.

Selected Fine & Interactive Art Exhibitions

The Infusion Gallery LA • Borders Books and Music, Glendale, CA • Muscle Spasm Gallery, Chicago IL • Palace Court Hotel, London, U.K. • Festa di Goia Interactive Art Event Series in Pasadena, CA • Family Art in the Park • Artist in Residence at the Cliffdwellers of Chicago, IL

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Disney Interactive • Disney Consumer Products • Foote, Cone & Belding • Häagen-Dazs • Motorola • Gerber • Florsheim • Noble & Associates • Wells Fargo • Kaiser Permanente • King Tony America • ABC Studios • DirecTV • The California Endowment

Nonprofit Support

Founding Chairperson of the Monterey Eco Community Gardens of Glendale, CA • President of the Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation of Glendale, CA • Founding Board Member of BirthLink of Chicago, IL

“Their mosaics turn spaces
into treasures”

-Kathryn Caplis


Press Clips

Artist photo by Ali Mojahedi