Zoe Mosaics by Hannah Maximova

Hannah Maximova holds a BFA from the University of Arizona and has spent over two decades employed in fine, commercial and public art.

Certified Green Business

Zoe Mosaics is officially certified by the City of Glendale as a Green Business through the City and the California Green Business Network (CAGBN) which demonstrates that the business is run in a sustainable manner, in both policy and practice.

Hannah's Selected Fine & Interactive Art Exhibitions

The Infusion Gallery LA,CA • Borders Books and Music, Glendale, CA • Muscle Spasm Gallery, Chicago IL • Palace Court Hotel, London, U.K. • Festa di Goia Interactive Art Event Series in Pasadena, CA • Family Art in the Park in Glendale, CA • Artist in Residence at the Cliffdwellers Art and Literature Club of Chicago, IL

Hannah's Art Direction & Graphic Design Experience

Disney Interactive • Disney Consumer Products • The California Endowment • Foote, Cone & Belding Global • Häagen-Dazs • Motorola • Gerber • Florsheim • Noble & Associates • Wells Fargo • Kaiser Permanente • King Tony America • ABC Studios • DirecTV

Hannah's Nonprofit Support

Founding chairperson of the Monterey Eco Community Gardens of Glendale, CA • Past President of the Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation in Glendale, CA• Founding board member of BirthLink in Chicago, IL

Zoe Mosaics' Charitable Ventures

Zoe Mosaics is a sponsored project of the nonprofit arts service organization Fractured Atlas. To support Zoe Mosaics' community building projects charitable contributions are payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Contact us for more information.

“A wall that was once bare is now, when kissed with sunlight, a shimmering masterpiece.”

Natalie Miranda, The Glendale News Press


Press Clips

Artist photo by Ali Mojahedi